Donna Perkins


    KC Credit Services

    Ms. Perkins is the owner of KC Credit Services which has been in business since 1991.  She saw the potential of the credit repair industry and the massive violations of Federal & State laws against the consumers. Seeing the need for consumers to get their credit lives back on track and protected grew this business nationwide.

    Today, KC Credit Services is a thriving business that has helped more than 100,0000 families change their lives by restoring their credit profile and educating them on how to keep it that way throughout their lives. KC Credit Services is the oldest credit repair services in the country, basing the main principles by which she practices her business on honesty, integrity, and consumer service. KC Credit Services has A+ rating throughout that time with the Better Business Bureau for 28 years.

    Considered a leading expert in her field, Donna is an active member of her industry and is an advisor to several other companies in the credit repair industry. She is one of just a few select experts in the field that participate in an invitation-only Master Mind Group that keeps up on trends. She has written articles for the Kansas City Small Business Magazine, the Kansas City Star and has been a guest panelist for advisory boards for Credit Repair Boot Camps across the nation. She has appeared on several radio stations and national television stations, and has addressed numerous consumer groups, companies, Real Estate and Mortgage organizations regarding assisting consumers to improving their credit and protecting their credit rights under the law.

    Her life mission is to defend consumer rights for those that have credit issues, and improve their financial lives. She has worked with Federal, State and local governmental and consumer credit organizations for the fair and accurate reporting of consumer credit. She is an extremely knowledgeable in the application of The Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and numerous other consumer protection laws implemented to safeguard the rights of each consumer. Educating the public on how to protect and rebuild their credit lives is her mission in life.

    One mission that she has is to get Financial Education in to all schools making sure that no child graduates without a class to teach them in advance to deal with credit and finance.  She has worked with the Missouri Educational Department and Missouri legislators to pass it in Missouri. Many states have adopted the program since.

    Donna, has meeting with the CFBP, FTC and other governing regulators thru the years to fight for consumers rights against false reporting by the three major credit bureau’s..


    • Vice President National Association of Credit Repair Advisors
    • Consistently maintained an A+ with the Better Business Bureau for 28 years
    • Congressional Committee Small Business Advisory Board, Washington, DC 2003-2008
    • Member of The National Association of Credit Services Organizations (NACSO)
    • Member of Business International